Start Your Indian Driving Journey Now!

Get ready to shift gears with our latest release, Indian Driving School 3D!

Start Your Indian Driving Journey Now!

Practice for Your Driving License in a Fun and Easy Way!

Forget about the stress of traditional driving lessons. "Indian Driving School" is your key to cruising with confidence. So why wait?

Can you handle the twists and turns?

Yarsa Games Puts You in the Driver's Seat

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Indian Driving School Control Settings
Available in both Hindi and English Languages!

What's on the Learning Menu?

1. Driving Test đŸ…ŋī¸

  • Straight Park: Show off your parking skills in the tightest spots.
  • Reverse S-Park: Master reverse parking like a pro.
  • 8-Track: Take on challenging driving courses.
  • Overtake: Zoom past obstacles with style and precision.
  • Traffic: Navigate busy streets like a boss.
  • Parallel Park: Master the art of parking parallel to the curb.
  • H-Park: Nail the H-parking technique.
  • Slope: Conquer hills with confidence.
  • Final: Put all your skills to the test in the ultimate challenge.

2. Street Signs 🚧

  • Regulatory Signs: Understand road rules like a pro.
  • Information Signs: Get important road insights.
  • Warning Signs: Spot potential hazards before they catch you off guard.

3. Written Test 📚

Test your knowledge on everything you need to know to get your Indian driving license.

Indian Driving School - Start Your Driving Adventure Today!

Practise in offline mode - No internet connection needed.

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