Yarsa Tech Graduates Second Batch of On-the-Job Training Program!

Hands-on OJT programs in electronics equip graduates with practical skills and knowledge for real-world jobs.

Yarsa Tech Graduates Second Batch of On-the-Job Training Program!

Yarsa Tech is proud to celebrate the graduation of their second batch of students from their on-the-job training (OJT) program in electronics, engineering and production!

These dedicated students completed 300 hours of hands-on training and were awarded Certificates of Appreciation for their hard work.

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Our second batch of on-the-job training sessions at Yarsa Tech has now been completed, and the team has provided Certificates of Appreciation to the students…

OJT programs provide valuable skill development by allowing participants to learn directly through practical experience. This approach provides graduates with a strong foundation in using the tools and equipment they'll encounter in their daily work within the electronics field.

A Pathway to Opportunity

OJT programs can also be instrumental in helping unemployed individuals gain the skills they need to secure new jobs in their chosen fields.

For Yarsa Tech graduates, this program provides a valuable pathway to develop their professional skills. It also opens the door to potentially joining the company as a full-time employee upon the completion of the program.