eSpeaker Collaboration: Revolutionizing Nepal's Payment Landscape with AudiQR

Introducing eSewa's Revolutionary eSpeaker- Your gateway to effortless financial transactions.

eSpeaker Collaboration: Revolutionizing Nepal's Payment Landscape with AudiQR

eSewa Pvt. Ltd. and Yarsa Tech have joined forces to introduce a revolutionary payment notification device known as "eSpeaker." This innovative device, co-branded as eSpeaker, is set to transform the way payments are processed and notifications are delivered in Nepal.

The eSpeaker, originally developed as the AudiQR by Yarsa Tech, is a reliable and secure payment notification device that has now been available to over 400,000 merchants across Nepal. With eSpeaker now available to a vast network of merchants, Yarsa Tech is now set to reshape the payment notification landscape in Nepal and inspire confidence in the adoption of locally developed technology.

This eSpeaker is not just innovative; it's built to last. It comes with an extensive 12-month warranty and can be operated in both GSM and WiFi modes, ensuring that it adapts to your needs seamlessly. Gone are the days of uncertainty and delayed notifications. No more anxiously waiting for SMS confirmations or struggling with the absence of mobile numbers during transactions. eSpeaker is here to make your life easier, one transaction at a time.

This partnership signifies a new era in Nepal's fintech industry, emphasizing the potential of homegrown solutions in transforming the way financial transactions are managed and notifications are delivered. We plan to continue manufacturing more electronics and continue to collaborate with other businesses to redefine #MadeInNepal and start exporting electronics from Nepal.

NJ Subedi, CEO at Yarsa Labs/ Yarsa Tech

The eSpeaker project has positioned Yarsa Tech as a trusted company within Nepal's largest network and payment service providers. It highlights the importance of aligning various factors- from the vision of the founders to the dedication of the team and the willingness to invest time, effort, and resources into research and development.

All eSewa QR Merchants can order this superhero device easily from the eSewa App or the Web. All you have to do is log in to your eSewa, go to New Services and fill out the eSpeaker Request Form.

Your journey to a hassle-free financial world begins now! For more information on eSpeaker and its features, please visit eSewa's website.

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