Introducing AudiQR - Instant Payment Confirmation

Introducing AudiQR™, a QR payment confirmation device engineered in Nepal. Get instant voice confirmation, maximum security, and device management system.

Introducing AudiQR - Instant Payment Confirmation
A sound box that speaks your QR payments. Listen to your QR payments instantly with AudiQR™.

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AudiQR™ is designed and engineered in Nepal by a team of the finest mechanical and electronic engineers at Yarsa Tech. Introducing instant payment confirmation through voice for QR Code transactions for your business transactions.

Product Description

Meet AudiQR, a new way to confirm your QR Code Payments. Designed in Nepal, AudiQR speaks to you instantly when your payment is complete. It's not just smart; it's secure, easy to use, and can be customized to fit your needs.

Secure and Reliable

Unlike other devices, AudiQR is designed and engineered in Nepal to be secure and reliable for years to come.

Customizable Features

AudiQR is fully customizable. Easily match your brand identity, or even order a custom feature to meed your needs.

Loud and Clear Audio

AudiQR produces loud and clear audio recorded by voice artists for clarity in a noisy environment.

Reliable Battery Backup

Long-lasting 2,000 - 2,200mAh Li-ion battery provides backup for hours and hundreds of transactions.

Wi-fi + GPRS Connection

AudiQR comes in GSM, Wi-fi and hybrid variant. Customize the device to fit your needs.

Easy Onboarding

Simple, cloud-based merchant self-onboarding system that needs little to no prior knowledge or training.

A Complete Solution

AudiQR comes with a lot of security and convenience features that can be customized to fit your business needs. Paired with long-term support and maintenance warranty, you are in good hands.

Simple & Flexible Pricing

Pricing is based on the device model, available features and Minimum Order Quantity.
The listed price includes the cost of the device, initial setup charge, access to the cloud dashboard, on-site support and free software update for 5 years.

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AudiQR™ Voice Box: Secure QR Payment Confirmation Device | Made in Nepal
AudiQR™ Voice Box is a revolutionary QR payment confirmation device engineered in Nepal. Get instant voice confirmation for all your transactions, ensuring maximum security and reliability. Customize to match your brand, enjoy loud and clear audio in any environment, and benefit from a long-lasting…

AudiQR: Products and Pricing

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1 year Replacement warranty + 2 years Free Repairs

AudiQR comes with a 1-year replacement warranty, 2 years of free repairs provided there are no visible physical damages and 5+ years of support for device software.

AudiQR- Audible QR Voicebox

AudiQR is a remarkable QR Payment companion born in Nepal. Experience the joy of hearing your payment confirmations, even in noisy environments. All-day battery life, a secure online dashboard for effortless control that sets it apart from being just a mere product- designed especially for you. 

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