Yarsa Tech Rebrands Locally Made Electronics Under "Nizi"

Yarsa Tech launches a new " NIzi " brand for all its products. (meaning "our own" in Nepali).

Yarsa Tech Rebrands Locally Made Electronics Under "Nizi"

Yarsa Tech, a leading electronics manufacturer in Nepal, has announced a new brand, "Nizi" for its locally-produced products. "Nizi" translates to "our own" in Nepali, reflecting the company's focus on domestic manufacturing and packaging.

While the branding changes Yarsa Tech remains the manufacturer behind the Nizi products. Only the products will be labelled under the new brand name Nizi. Meaning, products like Nizi Router Backup, Nizi Automatic Switch, and Nizi Tap will now be available under the Nizi brand.

To view products and learn more about Nizi, visit their official US website at:

Nizi Store | Buy Genuine Electroinics in Nepal
Nizi Store is an online electronics store from Nepal for genuine electronics. This is an authorized store of Yarsa Tech.

Also, find them on Daraz at:

Yarsa Tech | NP
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