Yarsa Launches Monthly Newsletter "Internal Notes" on LinkedIn

Stay tuned for a monthly dose of innovation, insights, and the latest happenings at Yarsa!

Yarsa Launches Monthly Newsletter "Internal Notes" on LinkedIn

Introducing "Internal Notes," our new monthly newsletter designed to keep our stakeholders well-informed and engaged. Starting this November, this carefully curated publication will serve as your go-to source on LinkedIn, offering exclusive insights into Yarsa's ongoing projects, product updates, and insider perspectives on the evolving tech industry.

The newsletter promises to be a one-stop shop for subscribers, featuring highlights such as top-performing blogs, exclusive previews of upcoming events, and special offers.

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We invite tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and curious minds to subscribe to Internal Notes and join our community. Subscribers will gain VIP access to the latest and greatest updates directly from the innovation frontline. This exclusive access allows individuals to be the first in the know, staying abreast of Yarsa's endeavours before the information reaches the broader audience.

Seize the opportunity to join the frontline of innovation—subscribe to Internal Notes now and claim your VIP access to Yarsa's groundbreaking updates.

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Yarsa Labs | Your monthly digest of everything Yarsa and more!

Don't miss our November Edition of Internal Notes! Explore it in the November Edition.

Internal Notes - November Edition
Greetings, and a warm welcome to the inaugural edition of Internal Notes - Yarsa Labs’ Monthly Newsletter. Following the resounding success of our recent short article series, “Plugs and Pixels,” unveiled during the vibrant festivities of Tihar over four days, we felt compelled to forge stronger con

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Yarsa Labs | 1,688 followers on LinkedIn. Crafting Nepal's finest technology companies | Established in 2016, Yarsa Labs has been creating and distributing high-end software applications for web and mobile phones. Based in Pokhara, with our extended branch office in Kathmandu, we are always working on the next big tech innovation for Nepal, in Nepal. With over 50 employees nationwide, we strive to create games and build technology that eases people's lives.

Stay tuned for a monthly dose of innovation, insights, and the latest happenings at Yarsa!